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It took 3 months for our local newspaper Newham Recorder, to publish the full extent of the plans which include tower blocks of 18 and 31 storeys high, piled onto the market.

Below are some pictures of the heights of the towers and the 'dull' shopping hall St. Modwen want to replace our traditional 'covered' London street market with.

We urge members of the public to try and access the plans on the Newham Council website or in person (if possible).

"The plans were submitted in May 2008 and some 307 submitted documents are listed on the Council’s website, many of which are very large downloads and technical in nature. Clearly this represents a substantial and complex amount of information for the public to access, understand and comment on. It appears also from discussion with others that the documents themselves have not been capable of being viewed on many occasions. I encountered repeated problems myself when trying to view them and made several calls to Newham to try to remedy this. Following a call, I was able to access some documents briefly but a few days later they were again inaccessible. Only after I raised the matter with Newham’s ICT Services Manager was the underlying technical problem properly addressed and, as far as I can tell, they are now fully accessible. This does, however, raise issues regarding the effectiveness of Newham’s consultation procedures" - An independent architect's experience from Glass House (Community-Led Design)


Above: St. Modwen's market hall, Left: hospital ward

We have found the St. Modwen plans resemble a lifeless hospital ward, devoid of character and distinctiveness, lacking in a design quality and contextual understanding.

Be sure to read the recent CABE and GLA reports under 'Latest Information' and 'Recent Publications'.